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Heart of the Matter Radio Podcast

Jul 6, 2023

We have just celebrated the birth of our country on July 4. Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence 247 years ago, and men fought for our freedom.

But that was a long time ago. Who were these patriots who risked their lives?

This week, Cynthia shared about two patriots from her family. Daniel McKinney's father had immigrated from Scotland but died when Daniel was nine years old.  Daniel owned land and worked as a farmer and carpenter. He signed up to fight., but he didn't serve long since there was no mention of a pension. His son, William, substituted for him in 1782 and went to Charleston South, Carolina. He occupied the city the day the British left. They left fires burning as the pulled out. When he returned home, he married and had nine children. He applied for a pension and the government granted him $36.66 for serving.