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Heart of the Matter Radio Podcast

Aug 25, 2017

Jeanne Dennis founded Heritage of Truth to help families. She offers tips on child-rearing and materials for those who want to teach a Biblical worldview.

Aug 18, 2017

Dr. Randy C Dockens has a doctorate in pharmacokinetics (drug interactions) and Biblical prophecy. His latest book challenges the idea that science contradicts the Bible, and he tells why he believes that.

Aug 17, 2017

Cynthia L Simmons and Julie K Gillies encourage you to join them in praying for yourself. Today they pray about surrendering goals and plans to God.

Aug 11, 2017

Cynthia L Simmons and Julie K Gillies invite you to the holy habit of praying for yourself. Today their topic is trusting when we can't see the outcome.

Aug 11, 2017

Author Karen Jordan learned how to navigate through dark times when her mother became very ill. She shares what she learned about healthy self-talk.