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Heart of the Matter Radio

Oct 21, 2021

This month we are tackling tough questions so you are prepared when you kids ask them. Author Lee Ann Mancini was my guest this week. She teaches at South Florida Bible College and earned several advanced degrees in theology.

Oct 14, 2021

This month, we are discussing tough questions kids ask, and this week we cover how to talk to kids about sickness and death. 

My guest this week was Tina Yeager, Counselor and Author. She answered the question and explained how children grieve.

Oct 7, 2021

This month, we'll be covering tough questions kids ask. This week, Sarah Keeling, who has a podcast on prayer, answered our tough question. We also chatted about teaching our kids to pray, God's power, and the spiritual world.

Sep 23, 2021

I often hear people say history bores them, and I tell them to study the people.

How much do you know about the men who put the Constitution on paper? Historian Craig von Buseck gave a fantastic account of those men. Don't miss this story!

Sep 16, 2021

As  member of DAR, I'll be covering the Constitution for the month of September. I can recall having a strong sense of justice, even as a child. I knew when I was wronged. The Constitution actually lists many of our rights in the Bill of Rights.

My guest this week was Tammy Largin, a history teacher. She explained the...