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Heart of the Matter Radio Podcast

Mar 27, 2021

Here's a lovely story from history about being the bright spot in someone's day. 

..Thanks be to God who always leads us in his triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the fragrance of Christ in every place. I Cor. 2:14

Mar 26, 2021

Just after I had my first baby, the doctor examined her and told me she was beautiful. "Enjoy her."

Those words caught me by surprise, but they've stayed in my memory. When life overwhelms us, however, we can let that joy slip away.

Author Jennifer Slattery was my guest this week. She talked about rekindling that joy as...

Mar 19, 2021

All of us love our kids and want them to feel loved and important. How can we be sure our child is developing normally?

My guest, Mary Anne Quinn explains attachment and how it develops in your child. She also discussed how to spot inadequate bonding.

Mar 12, 2021

Emotions can be tricky things. Before I married, my husband and I decided we wouldn't discipline our children in anger. I blew that one early. When my daughter was about 18 months, she climbed into my lap and bit my shoulder. Hard. I squealed and slapped her, and I felt terrible immediately.

My guest today is...

Mar 6, 2021

#Momlife Chat: we all adore our snuggly babies and their sweet smiles, but children aren't always easy to deal with. They learn how to push your buttons or disobey at the worst moments. Cynthia and her assistant, Mavian Arocha-Rowe discuss what to do at such moments.