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Heart of the Matter Radio Podcast

Aug 31, 2023

We all want a bright future for our children, and it's tough when we learn a child is less than perfect. What can a parent do?

Annie Yortie had a beautiful baby girl who had Down's Syndrome. She was heartbroken. However, she grew closer to God and learned to educate her daughter. Annie's book, From Ignorance to Bliss,...

Aug 24, 2023

I can recall questioning the existance of Santa Claus. How could he visit every household in just one night? How did he get inside my house since we had no fireplace? Did he really know everything I had done?

Your children will question what you have taught them about God.  As Francis Schaeffer pointed out,...

Aug 17, 2023

Traditional marriage vows say '...till death do us part...', and that's God's ideal. However, when trouble or grief attacks, what can you do?

Todd and Kristin Evans fell in love and married. They wanted to have a ministry together. However, their son became very sick and then  they had a daughter with a severe illness....

Aug 10, 2023

Last week we started on the topic of marriage to honor my parent's relationship. They married 71 years ago on August 24th. This is week 2.

Of course, we were 'in love' when we married, but how can we make romance laslt?

My guests this week were Greg and Julie Gorman.  I recorded them several years ago, but their message...

Aug 3, 2023

August is a special month. Mom and Dad married on August 24th. This year they would have been married 71 years.  In their memory, I am going to highlight keeping love in marriage for several weeks. 

Mom died a couple months shy of their 56th wedding anniversary. Later, I found a box in the bottom of her cedar chest. She...